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THE THEME: Are you one of those who has fallen in love with colouring books for adults? This huge trend is taking the world by storm and can be found at RIANI in the form of an enchanting collection. Our designers have illuminated subtle, neutral drawings with brilliantly harmonising colours:creative, relaxed, girlish. “Colouring Book” enchants with soothing, basic colours. Movement is introduced by the beautiful prints and colourful fabrics, light and perfect for the most special occasions during our favourite summer months.

THE COLOURS: White, Bluebird, Lido, Air Craft and Sunshine.

THE LOOK:  Never-ending summer! An uncomplicated, swinging dress from our key print “colouring book“. This dress will make you feel so amazing that is guarantees a Never-ending summer! Shine Baby, shine! Small bomber jacket made from shiny silver brocade that perfectly matches the ultra-casual track pants made from linen. There is no better way to combine tough with tender – and what woman would not want to Shine Baby, shine!? Fashionista! Butter-soft goat chamois leather for a bloused blazer to go with super-shiny boxer shorts? Yes! Hot, hotter, RIANI Fashionista!



THE THEME: Athleisure! A cool new word that stands for a special, hip lifestyle. The ability to combine athletics with leisure, or sports with relaxation is what many women are looking for. Women want to look relaxed and sporty… bomber jackets, track pants and sneakers are just the thing. Strong colours, much like an artist’s palette, match this style perfectly and breathe fresh air into the basic pieces of this theme – basic pieces that are always a part of RIANI!

THE COLOURS:White, Parrot, Peacock Blue, Popeye Green und Black.

THE LOOK: Customize it! The striped sweatshirt with badges combined with casual track pants will quickly become some of your favourite pieces to wear! The emblems are reminiscent of the 1980s, when badges were popular collector’s items.

Bomber! Bomber jacket from Napa leather in a cool two-tone look complements the large, wild fl ower pattern of the skirt. Cool and elegant, casual and fashionable – anything is possible with RIANI. Bomber! is going to be THE summer look on the streets of the capital! Pump up the volume! A casual dress made from swaths of parrot-red material – this is what seduction looks like in the summer of 2017. A woman in Pump up the volume! will not be overlooked; on the contrary: she will be admired

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