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Dear RIANI fans & friends,

Inspired by the journeys around the world… inspired by the jet set girls of the 70s… inspired by their hunting instinct for unique fashion souvenirs that they brought home from their trips… a collection has come into being that takes us all on a journey to the hot spots.

…approaching the RIANI spring/summer 2016, allowing us to feel the easy doing, relaxed vibes of the jet set girls and to have fun with the new cool styles. Join the RIANI summer adventure 2016

Martina Buckenmaier 
and the entire RIANI family



Mademoiselle Gabrielles trip in the 70s. The famous tweeds and classic dot designs meet meaty suede in the typical shapes – flared skirts and trousers with fitted trenchcoats. The 70’s Jet Set is used as our inspiration.



Refresh! The freshest start to spring for years! Cool, “herbaceous” neutrals are made livelier with sorbetto and pure white – the smoothie for the start of the season. Large hibiscus petals and peacock feathers create strong print accents. Small leather covers in mini length are combined with flares out of compact couture crèpe. A subtle colour play consisiting of salvia to lauro.



Blues as concentrated oxygen combined with ethnic inspirations. Designs such as from the private collection of a Jet Set Girl of the 70s: Indian paisley, English roses, Caribbean flowers, French lilies, Asian ikat.The shapes are flirting with this decade: The cool bootcut suit contrasted with soft ethno dresses, flowing tunic jerseys or light denim couture.



The journey of our Jet Set Girls continues! The fabric is getting lighter, the colors softer and fresher. “Pastel power” everywhere! Light brocades and lace, prints from paradise and our famous RIANI-like summer linen!

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