Luisa Cerano

Go West – First Collection

In the first collection “Go West,” Ethno-flair and ultra-modern urban aesthetics determine the style that is derived from folk looks and the bohemian attitude of the 70s. Cool details are defined as an optimistic mix of cowboy and rock elements. The colourful basis is provided by dark blue and olive, with feminine elements of softly-burnt toffee and terracotta. The exceptional contrasts are created with smoky-cool pastels like mauve and powder pink.



Heritage Meets Street Wear- Second Collection

Inspirations of Brit Chic and Countryside Stories characterise this exceptional style mix of Heritage and Street Style de Luxe. Essentials are checks in a macro and micro look, as neutrals or in new colour combinations. The foundation of black and safari beige is orbited by bright and lush winter colours like berry, pea green and ochre.



Glam Capsule – Third Collection

A captivating elitist play between light and shadow, between opaqueness and transparency, simultaneously sophisticated and sensible. The collection presents itself in a graceful, feminine look; graceful as regards the colour harmony, and rock-and-roll cool with the colour contrasts – on the basis of black and nougat, with light accents provided in cream and pale pink.



Midtown Warm-Up – Fourth Collection

The collection‘s style is characterised by a mix of urban vibes and casual upper elements. Delicate colour contrasts in a retro look with pale pink, nougat and Manhattan green set new standards on a black foundation. Cream adds appealing elements of lightness to the looks – while primrose accentuates them.



Autumn Pastel – Fifth Collection

The outfits are characterised by quiet strength and clear lines – a new kind of Nordic-inspired luxury with a style that has streetwear and the heritage look as its sources of inspiration. Accents are created between cool winter pastels like frozen aqua and ginger, and sun-sated autumn shades such as ochre and lounge red. Anthracite and misty greige provide the foundation palette.