Luisa Cerano

Pretty & Tough: the first collection

Dare to show new colour variety! Fresh looks and exceptional combinations open up worlds of intensive colours: black and almond form the foundation for moss green, blush and raspberry; off-white provides brightness. Casualized luxury meets surprising style, material and pattern mixes with muted decorations like floral badges on sporty pieces.


Collegiate Spirit: the second collection

Sport and streetwear with worn aspects and creative and feminine breaks define the modern and leisure look. Here the motto is ‘Stripe Hype’: horizontal and vertical stripes remain a megatrend. Macro-metal eyelets, drawstrings and ruffles deliver sophisticated eye-catchers – sometimes cool, sometimes sporty, sometimes feminine. Dark navy blue, rugby green and sand are the foundation that is smartly contrasted by azure, off-white, and white.


Colour Up: the third collection

The name says it all: a new modern colour statement determines the theme – with flashy brights like fresh aqua, poppy red, and bright orange. On a basis of bleached white and sand, the fashion focus is on both monochrome looks as well as colour blocking in new vibrating contrasts – enhanced by a distinctive style with new sporty and feminine details.


Tropical Vibes – the fourth collection

Stylized tropical plants meet graphic designs, like vertical and horizontal stripes as well as Vichy checks, and stage a cool mix of patterns. The colour basis is provided by ink blue, black, and bleached white – with radiant summery accents in lime.