To All Rianistas in the World!

The international Riani collection is inspired by sensational and exciting destinations such as Monte Carlo, Paris, Mexico, Costa Rica, Montevideo, and last not least Santorini. This fashion journey takes us to all these hotspots showing us LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

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Martina Buckenmaier, Riani

Costa Rica:

Diversified like the nature of the “Rich Coast”. Jungle of the rocks – the neutral rich green tones of the rainforest are reflected by the colours Tropical sky, Green Glow and are cooled by pure white. Refreshing like a waterfall in the jungle.



Temperatures climb up to subtropical climate. Vibrant Nectarine and Aperol are worn in contrast to sexy Black and pure White. Volants and ruffles swing along to the rhythm of the Latin groove. Lace, embroidery and prints with vivid South American flair spread pure joy of living.



The sheer colours of the Cyclades – “Islands of the Lights” – convey pure lightness.  Linen, poplin and light shirting are the ideal companion for hot summer days. Stripes, checked  pattern and a postcard print, transfer the perfect vacation feeling.